Russia Adventure Blitz

8-day adventure tour which features trekking, 4-wheeling, waterfalls, and glaciers. Enjoy peace of mind that your tour is being handled by Russia experts. Enjoy quick & thorough communication: avoid surprises in Russia.

Looking for adventure? You’ll find it here in the North Caucasus of Russia.


After flying into the Caucasus Mineral Waters airport, enjoy the scenic drive into the heart of Karachay-Cherkessia, the home of your next week’s adventure. If the skies are clear, prepare to be wowed with a view of Mt. Elbrus towering above the Caucasus Range as you drive along the Gumbashi Overpass. Prepare for a stunning detour at the Sentinksy Temple, the oldest Christian church in Russia, built in the 10th century. Once you have completed the drive to Teberda, check into your hotel and enjoy some free time to explore the area and take in the views around you. After dinner, you’ll check all your gear and prepare with your guide for tomorrow’s trek!


After breakfast at your hotel, hop into an off-road vehicle and start your ascent into the Caucasus Mountains. Once you reach the end of the road, your 3-day trek has begun! You’ll hike to over 9,500 feet above sea level, home to the beautiful Mukhinski Lakes, where your group will set base camp. You’ll realize very quickly how far off the beaten path your Russia Adventure has already taken you! A tasty dinner of fresh shashlik (shish kabobs) will satisfy your appetite and help settle you in for a good night’s sleep under the beautiful Caucasus night skies.


Despite summer temperatures approaching 90, even 100 degrees in the Dombai Valley, make sure to bring layers to bundle up for the cool Caucasus mountain nights! After breakfast and tidying up camp, you’ll explore the incredible surroundings around the Mukhinski Lakes. You may be surprised to find out you aren’t alone this high in the mountains, as local Karachay shepherds spend the summer in the mountain pastures with large flocks of sheep, horses, and cows. If you have a camera and a photogenic eye, today is your day to capture some beautiful shots of untouched Caucasus nature.


Wake up to one of many stunning sunrises the North Caucasus has to offer. Your trek will wrap up today but much adventure still awaits you in your time in Karachay-Cherkessia. After cleaning up camp and starting your trek back to civilization, keep your eyes pealed for other signs of Caucasus Mountain wildlife, including eagles, deer, boar, mountain goats, and even bears. Dinner will hit the spot tonight in the comfort of your hotel, and you may even want to try out the banya/sauna to help your body rest after 3 days in the wilderness!


Turn up the speed today as you take a 4-wheeler excursion up into another corner of the Dombai Mountains. You will be amazed at how quickly you leave the main tourist road and rise several thousand feet, traversing rivers, mountain meadows, and lush Caucasus forests. Your journey will take you up “Bald Mountain”, one of the main Dombai peaks, named after it’s circular peak, with no Caucasus pine trees on its upper half. After returning for lunch, you’ll notch the speed down but turn the local flavor up, as you go on a horse-back excursion on a famous Karachay-bred horse. Karachay horses are famous throughout Russia and throughout history have represented the strength of the Caucasus people. Your excursion will take you by the Djamagat Natural Springs, one of many sources of natural mineral water in the North Caucasus. It’s a must to try the famous Caucasus mineral waters!


Your adventure blitz continues today, with this morning’s time dedicated to being a tourist, taking the cable car chair lifts up into the heart of Dombai’s famous ski slopes. Here you’ll find some of your best photo opportunities of the surrounding Caucasus range, and hopefully an up close view of Mt. Elbrus. The view of the green mountains with their snow-capped peaks is truly breathtaking. Don’t let your guard down just yet, though, as we’ve got one final adventure excursion planned for you, off-roading back into the mountains to a trio of stunning natural wonders: the Alibek Waterfall, the Alibek Glacier, and the Tur Lake. Cap off your day and adventure in the home of a local Karachay family, trying their famous cheese-filled hichini dish and airan, a yogurt-like drink sure to fill your famished stomach after your busy week. It’s in the warmth of a Karachay home that you’ll experience the world-famous Caucasus hospitality that is shown to all guests who pass through.


Enjoy your last hours in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains over a leisurely breakfast with some mountain tea. You will drive back to Pyatigorsk late morning, saying goodbye to the Caucasus range as it slowly fades lower and into the distance. Once checking back into your hotel, grab a quick nap, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable final evening, at a local Russian banya (sauna). Soak in this world-famous Russian health experience, as you relax from your strenuous week of adventure. You will be telling all of your friends how it felt to leave the roasting banya room and jump into the nearby pond with its spectacular view of Mt. Beshtau in the background.


Pack your bags and say goodbye for now to the North Caucasus, a place we hope you will come back for another adventure in very soon. Fly out of the local Mineral Waters airport (MRV), through Moscow, and back to wherever you call home.

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