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Find out why Beyond Red Square is the best way to see Russia.

“I’ve always dreamed of traveling somewhere off the beaten path in Europe or Asia, but I’d failed to make the dream a reality because of the complexity of travel there. Since Beyond Red Square is run by Americans living in Russia, they are able to make the logistics seamless for Americans. Their knowledge of the area was crucial, allowing us to experience the most interesting parts of the region we otherwise wouldn’t have known existed (…) Witnessing the simplicity of everyday life of Caucasus people will stick in my memory forever.”

John, from Texas – Oct 2018

“My trip was amazing! Every aspect was truly an experience I will never forget. We walked to the park in Saratov during the day and in the evening we walked to the Volga River. The sights were amazing…I had my tour with Natalia to Victory Park and the Radishchev Museum, Natalia was very informative…There is a monument that tracks the history of the city-to its founding by merchants, to its modernization…This is by far, the most amazing thing I have ever done, and none of it would have been possible without your help…thank you for everything that you did.”

Aaron, from Illinois – Oct 2018

“On a recent trip to the North Caucasus I really enjoyed seeing the majesty of Mt. Elbrus. When we took the gondola up the mountain, we could see many trekkers hiking up Elbrus by foot! It was breathtakingly beautiful. We could see for miles & even into Georgia. Our guides were so kind & made many adventures available for us such as paragliding, horseback riding, and hiking. To end the trip we were able to go to a Russian banya for a great relaxing experience.”

Karen, from Texas – Aug. 2018

“We had a great experience working with BRS. Andrew and his team were easy to work with and answered every question I had while planning our Russian trip. Following our climb of Mount Elbrus, we had an opportunity to visit a Russian Banya which was a major highlight of our trip! BRS also coordinated our visits to St. Petersburg and Moscow…a midnight train from St. Petersburg to Moscow was an incredible experience…I would strongly recommend BRS to anyone planning a trip to the North Caucasus, or anywhere in Russia!”

Kevin, from Utah – Aug 2018

“We would not have had such a perfect experience seeing Russia if not for the wonderful job Beyond Red Square did for us. We simply told them which places we would like to visit and the length of time we planned to be there and they took care of almost everything. It took a lot of the stress off of us in the planning stage, and when we actually got there, we felt like VIP guests…. All in all, it was truly the trip of a lifetime, and we could not have asked for a more enjoyable and well-rounded tour of Russia!”

Ric & Lenie, from Maryland – May 2018

“From start to finish the trip was a wonderful experience. The actual planning of the holiday was easy thanks to the flexibility of the company in meeting my needs within a very specific time frame. Local guides ensured everything went smoothly and were very knowledgeable of the rich history of the area. The scenery was spectacular, hospitality and friendliness super and the food was tasty and bountiful. It’s difficult to pinpoint one highlight of the trip as it was the whole rich experience in a part of the world of which I knew little that made it so worthwhile. ”

Caroline, from England/UK – June 2018
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